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Do you have Big Dreams and are you ready to go after them?

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Meet Sophi

Options Trader and Coach

Sophi Banks, the creator of WallstreetMob is a Options Trading Coach teaches the culture how to invest in Stock Options and create generational wealth. 

I learned how to trade Options in 2015 as an opportunity to make some extra income. 

While I finally found a six-figure paying job, I fired my Boss (The Richest Man in the world) just a few years later (2020) because of my success with trading Options. I was able to make my yearly income in just 90 days There's no point in spending countless weeks, months and years watching YouTube trying to figure this out. 

I don't want you to invest without a mentor like I did, therefore I want to help you fast track your investing and start to build generational wealth.


What I Specialize In

Are you feeling chained to your 9-5? I can show you the steps I took to fire my Boss.

Do you want to learn more about the Stock Market? Let me show you.

Would you like to invest, but don't know where to Start?

Would you like to learn how to create generational wealth?

Allow me to show you my

step-by-step plan to create a successful trading plan.


Take more vacations and travel more.

You want to purchase your dream home.

No longer want to be the "no" Mom.

You want to eliminate debt.

Our Graduates Say:

“Sophi, I want to thank you for providing this training. After going through the course I am better equipped to invest and actually understand the Market.

There was no talking over my head and I did not have to google for information that was provided in your course as everything was explained well.
I just want to thank you for everything and I ask that you do not stop and keep up the good work!”

- Jason D.

"Sophi your course and materials are on point and exciting! Because of you Im starting to identify candle sticks. I am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and explaining it so thoroughly. You, young lady are a blessing, you are creating future millionaires...that's my goal! Thank you and may God continue to grand you the Midas touch with everything you do."

- Vivian J.

"Sophi thank you so much for putting this training together, thank you so much for taking the opportunity to share this with us. You could have sat on this for yourself and made a killing in the market but because you are who you are you wanted to share this with us and I am so grateful you did. Because of you, I will now be able to make extra income and investing in the stock market as I see fit and as I have never ever done before. "

- Reggie G.

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