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Meet Sophi

Options Trader and Coach

I've been told I'm stubborn...

Have You?

You see, I'm a stubborn believer that I can do anything I put my mind to.

I believe I can create any life I want.

Here’s why…

I didn’t come from money, but I always knew I was meant to have it.

I started my Career in the Army, after being medically discharged I found myself on Section 8 and I was unable to find a job.

I had zero practical knowledge about starting a business, or creating wealth.

Yet, I was too stubborn to throw in the towel.

I remember telling myself, if I can’t find a job, why not create my own.

I learned how to trade Options in 2015 as an opportunity to make some extra income. 

While I finally found a six-figure paying job, I fired my Boss (The Richest Man in the world) just a few years later (2020) because of my success with trading Options. I was able to make my yearly income in just 90 days.

Yes, I stumbled along the way, but I created exactly what I wanted.

I purchased my dream home with a pool.

Most importantly, I've created freedom to spend my days how I want.

I am a true believer and an example that you can create whatever you choose in your life.

But first you must CHOOSE and know your WHY.

I offer the Wallstreetmob Course to share my Stock Market strategies with people all over the world.

I also partner with organizations and companies to train and empower individuals to achieve financial freedom and build wealth through investing.

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